NOVA 150 T-Close Wood

NOVA 150 T-Close Wood

Automatically manual – if a draft is not required

Automatically manual – a contradiction in terms? Not with our fabulous T-Close!

With this “automatic” door closer, no door is left open unintentionally. Whether a wooden or glass door, the T-Close always closes the door for you. The door always moves into position quickly and reliably and is gently slowed to a close by the standard draw-in damping.

And if the door should remain open, we have included an integrated ‘hold-open’ function.

The installation time is remarkably short and the wear-free, maintenance-free system, is ingenious.

Technical details

NOVA 150 T-Close Wood
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Technical information
Max. door weight 80 kg
Height 81+3 mm
Min. door width 620 mm
Max. door width 2300 mm
Min. door panel thickness 35 mm
DIN EN 1527
Category of use -
Durability 6
door weight 2
Fire resistance 0
Safety -
Corrosion resistance 0
Security -
Category of door 1
Initial friction 3

Tender specifications for architects
Self-closing sliding door fitting TIGER NOVA 150 T-Close wood with a load capacity of up to 100 kg and integrated Softstop 150 draw-in damping; profile finishing brush; carriage with cleaning function; Area of ​​application: indoors; Mounting type: In front of the wall/In the wall/Ceiling mounting; with/without wall support profile for variable wall distances; with/without cover panel for track profile; with/without forehead cap set; Sash width …. cm (track length ……cm); Color aluminum EV1 silver / C31 similar to stainless steel / C35 black anodized; RAL … powder-coated

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Details and Variants

System-Set NOVA 150 T-Close Wood NOVA150T-CLOSE HOLZ
1 set
Comprising of:
Hanger NX150
2 pieces
Adjustable stopper SX100H
1 piece
Flange 8084
2 pieces
Damping (Soft Stop) Softclose 150
1 piece
Damping trigger N150-M
1 piece
Floor guide T-Guide Holz
1 piece
Cable brake T-Close01
1 item
Forehead attachment set FIX-24
1 piece
Fastening materials
1 set