Retrofit Set for NOVA 150

  • NOVA 150 N355 and Retrofit

    Retrofit set

The Retrofit-Set

Focusing on installation and removal

Installation and removal are the focus of our practical inspection rail. Developed in-house more than 20 years ago, the inspection rail is the ideal preparation mechanism for subsequent assembly and disassembly of sliding door technology in wall pockets. Even in the shell construction phase, the basis is laid with the revision rail, so that the entire sliding technology and the door can be installed in a finished and clean wall. An added advantage is the easy maintenance and ability to update the system when using the revision rail. As simple as it is ingenious!

For our NOVA 150 series, the inspection rail comes in a set with the appropriately perforated and cut N355 running rail. A new feature is the brush seal, which is colour-matched to the anodizing of the running rail and hides the inside of the profile from below, providing a clean and minimalist appearance.

Technical information
Please note the technical information for the corresponding NOVA 150 system sets.

Tender specifications
Please note the tender specifications for the corresponding NOVA 150 system sets.

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Details and Variants

Retrofit-Set N355087-xxxxRD
1 piece

Length in mm

Material / Color (only applies to the running rail, the inspection rail is always silver-colored)

Aluminum silver anodized EV1 (Standard, no color code required)
Anodized similar to stainless steel C31 (Color code: C)
Black anodized C35 (Color code: B)

Note: The xxxx in the item number should be replaced with the selected length in mm (example: N355087-3000RD for a 3m long track).

The aluminium/silver anodised variant is our standard and does not require a color code (as in the example above for a 3m long silver anodized track).

However, should you choose a black or anodized version similar to stainless steel, please add the corresponding color code to the article number:

Example: N355087B-3000RD for a 3m long retrofit set with black anodized rail.

Example: N355087C-3000RD for a 3 m long retrofit set with stainless steel-like anodized rail.