NOVA 150

Sliding door systems for professionals

NOVA 150

Configurable sliding technology – redefined!

With the market launch of our premium line in 2007, Tiger redefined sliding door technology and design.
In our most exciting version to date – NOVA 150 – our proven, optimized and newest technology is now combined into an unbeatable unit with a load capacity of up to 150 kg.

In addition to looking at the design, we have, of course, not lost sight of quality. As part of the development process, we subjected all of the NOVA 150 systems to over 200,000 sliding processes – ensuring their utmost durability and resilience.

The variable profile system, with its diverse wall bracket and cover options, offers solutions for every installation situation in front of the wall, but ceiling or wall pocket installations can also be easily implemented with this professional modular system.
Combined with our standard colors aluminum silver, stainless and black anodized, a modern look is only a choice away.
Furthermore, an optimal product combination utilizing our preconfigured System sets can easily be put together.

A new running track integrates all the technology inside and combines with a revolutionary brush seal to hide these inner workings from view.

A perfect ending. Every NOVA 150 system set is now equipped as standard with advanced draw-in damping, which can be expanded to double-sided damping at any time with the NOVA 150 supplementary set. Together with the stopper, damping release and the completely redesigned NX150 carriage, it forms a unit that interacts brilliantly and facilitates error-free assembly.

As a further special feature, we have added a cleaning brush to the stable NX150 carriage, which continuously keeps the running surfaces clean and guarantees longevity and smooth operation.

The double-row ball bearings we developed, which are used exclusively in the NX150, are also part of the innovation, as is the tool-free connection of the damping unit. Our patent pending TIGER support flange 8084 has proven itself in extensive tests to be almost indestructible. The core of the patent application is the possibility of adapting the carriage seat in the longitudinal direction – invaluable for installations within wall pockets. This makes perfect, fine adjustment of the door position child’s play.

An additional technical advantage is the centering aid, which leads to an optimally vertical alignment of the door.

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