NOVA 150 ET3 Wood Synchron

NOVA 150 ET3
Wood Synchron

You just have to go through it yourself

How about if you only had to walk through your double-panel sliding door and the opening and closing of both panels happened at the same time as if by magic?

The simplest way of moving a wooden or glass sliding door is perfected once again by our NOVA 150 ET3 synchronous systems. No effort is required. The unique NOVA 150 ET3 low-energy drive system moves your 2-panel sliding door, having an individual panel weight of up to 40 kg, with quiet efficiency. The wear-free drive completely redefines luxury, even in private households. It goes without saying that the specifications for barrier-free construction and thus various safety features were also taken into account.

A wealth of possible combinations with a wide variety of motion detectors, buttons and radio transmitters rounds off this complete solution.

Technical details

NOVA-150 ET3 Wood Synchro
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Technical information
Max. door weight 40 kg per door panel
Height 75 ± 3 mm
Min. door width 600 mm
Max. door width No restrictions
Min. door panel thickness 35 mm
Max. door panel thickness No restriction
Operating voltage 24 V via external, flush-mounted, power supply (100 - 240 V)
DIN EN 1527
Category of use -
Durability 6
door weight 2
Fire resistance 0
Safety -
Corrosion resistance 0
Security -
Category of door 1
Initial friction 3

Tender specifications for architects
Electrically driven double-leaf sliding door system TIGER NOVA 150 ET3 WOOD SYNCHRON with a load capacity of max. 2 x 40 kg with profile end brush; carriage with cleaning function; Application: indoors; Mounting type: in front of the wall/in the wall/ceiling mounting; with/without wall support profile for variable wall distances; with/without cover panel for track profile; with/without forehead cap set; Triggering: button/radio transmitter/motion detector; wing width …. cm; (track length ….. cm); Wing thickness: …; with wall mounting: wall distance door ….. mm ; Colour: aluminum EV1 silver / C31 similar to stainless steel / C35 black anodised; RAL … powder-coated

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Details and Variants

Product details
System-Set NOVA 150 ET3 Wood Synchron NOVA150ETH-SYNC
1 Set
Comprising of:
Hanger NX150
4 pieces
Flange 8084
4 pieces
Multi-function stopper SX100A
4 pieces
Floor guide T-Guide Holz
2 pieces
Toothed belt 05M
12 Meters
ET3 motor with controller ET3-80-EU-NOVA
1 unit
Driver set ET3 wood/glass ET-281107-NEO
1 set
Driver set T-CLAMP
3 sets
Fastening materials
1 set
Centering aid T-Center
1 item
Guide roller T-Turn Plus *
* Optional
1 item

Accessory kits