NOVA 150 Wood

NOVA 150 Wood

Flexibility is the key

Our highly flexible sliding door fitting for wooden doors and room dividers with a panel weight of up to 150 kg – NOVA 150 Wood.

With draw-in damping, a patent pending support flange, cleaning and profile end brushes plus fastening materials as standard. The numerous wall bracket and panel options as well as the options to add additional damping plus our outstanding push-to-close T-MASTER 150 and the possibilities of the Retrofit sets offer several flexible solutions for every installation.

Technical Details

NOVA 150 Wood
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Technical information
Max. door weight 150 kg
Height 63 + 5mm
Min. door width
- with single-sided damping
530 mm
Min. door width
- with double-sided damping
860 mm
Max. door width No restriction (1500 mm when using our 3000 mm track)
Min. door panel thickness 35 mm
Max. door panel thickness No restriction
DIN EN 1527
Category of use -
Durability 6
Door weight 3
Fire resistance 0
Safety -
Corrosion resistance 0
Security -
Category of door 1
Initial friction -

Tender specifications for architects
Sliding door fitting TIGER NOVA 150 WOOD with a load capacity of up to 150 kg and integrated Softstop 150 draw-in damping; Profile Finishing Brush; carriage with cleaning function; with/without accessories: revision rail, second damping unit for damping on both sides, T-Master (push to close); Area of ​​application: indoors; Mounting type: in front of the wall/in the wall/ceiling mounting; with/without wall support profile for variable wall distances; with/without cover panel for track profile; with/without forehead cap set; wing width …. cm; (track length ….. cm); Wing thickness: …; Aluminum color EV1 silver / C31 similar to stainless steel / C35 black anodised; RAL … powder-coated

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Details and Variants

Product Details
System-Set NOVA 150 Wood NOVA150HOLZ
1 set
Comprising of:
Hanger NX150
2 pieces
Flange 8084
2 pieces
Adjustable stopper SX100H
1 piece
Multi-function stopper SX100A
1 piece
Damping (Soft Close) unit Softstop 150
1 unit
Damping trigger N150-M
1 piece
Floor guide T-Guide Holz
1 piece
Fastening materials
1 set
Centering aid T-Center
1 piece

Accessory kits