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“Space, the final frontier. The year is 2023. This is the latest voyage of the TIGER company, which has been on a mission with its crew for 108 years to explore, research and develop new ideas for sliding door technology. TIGER has entered sliding-system galaxies that no human has ever seen before.”

Ok, that’s probably a bit of an exaggeration but you may have noticed that only sliding doors are used in science fiction films. We at TIGER have been developing, producing and selling sliding door and gate fittings of the highest level since 1915 and are already living this vision of the future. Our offices, production facilities and test labs are located at the company’s original location in the north of the Hanseatic city of Bremen. From here, we deliver our premium products, Made in Germany, worldwide; and soon – beyond.

With NOVA, we present our latest and most innovative product lines.

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Our products

The broad TIGER product range includes five categories each from the areas of sliding door and sliding gate technology. They differ in their appearance and different materials, numerous possible uses and their load-bearing capacity.

Tiger's NOVA 80 sliding door system

Nova 80

Completely redesigned, with the NOVA 80 we present our classic once again in top form.

Tiger's NOVA 150 sliding door system

Nova 150

The current version of our premium line, combining design and the highest quality.

Tiger's NOVA 250 sliding door system

Nova 250

The heavyweight among the TIGER-ALU fittings has also received a facelift.

Tiger's NOVA EVOLUTION 4 sliding door system

Evolution IV

The blueprint for many design fittings, with us in the 4th generation.

Tiger's RETRO 2 sliding door system

Retro II

100 years of company history have an impact. Original design combined with contemporary technology to form a harmonious whole.

Tiger's Sliding gate system

Sliding Gates

Sliding gate technology – made of steel and stainless steel – carries up to 1000 kg.

Are you looking for information about NEO, the predecessor of NOVA?

All NEO products

NEO 40 | NEO 80 | NEO 100 | NEO 150

Powerful. Quiet. Convincing. Proven TIGER Quality for more than 100 years.

The Experts

Get to know the Tiger team and those responsible – technical support, sales, purchasing, shipping, etc.

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Tiger is over 100 years old. Get to know a little about our history and the tradition of excellence that characterizes our products today.

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Here you will find all of our online product documentation, brochures, catalogs, etc.

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