NOVA 150 Running Track

  • Running track N355 for Nova 150

    Running track

NOVA 150 Running track

The clever base

For many decades, the classic TIGER rail has been able to score points as a unique basis for our sliding door technology thanks to its durability and design. In combination with our wide range of system sets and accessories, it is a low noise and stable load-bearing foundation.

For the NOVA 150 series, we have further developed the tried-and-tested track base into the N355 track profile, which can combine all the technology inside thanks to the clever new design. The standard high-quality anodizing is a matter of course for us, and the view of the inside of the rail is also hidden from below, as standard, with a brush seal, color-matched to the anodization of the rail.

The result is a clean and contemporary exterior. Are you planning to install your sliding door in a wall pocket to save even more space? Then take a look at our practical retrofit sets, which are a perfect solution for this situation.

Technical information
Max. door weight 150 kg (please note any requirements of the selected NOVA 150 system set)
Height Dependent on the selected system set
Min. door width Dependent on the selected system set
Max. door width No restrictions
Min. door panel thickness - Wood 30 mm (MX2) / 35 mm
Min. door panel thickness - Glass 8 mm

Tender specifications
Please note the tender specifications for the corresponding NOVA 150 system sets.

Details und Varianten

Running track with brush N355087-xxxx
1 piece

Length in mm

Material / color of rails
Aluminum silver anodized EV1 (Standard, no color code required)
Black anodized C35 (Color code: B)
Anodized similar to stainless steel C31 (Color code: C)

Note: The xxxx in the item number should be replaced with the selected length in mm (example: N355087-3000 for a 3m long track).

The aluminium/silver anodized variant is our standard and does not require a color code (as in the example above for a 3m long silver anodized track).

However, should you choose a black or anodized version similar to stainless steel, please add the corresponding color code to the article number:

Example: N355087B-3000 for a 3m long, black anodized track.

Example: N355087C-3000 for a 3m long, stainless steel-like anodized track.