Accessory kit Synchron
for NOVA 80

NOVA 80 Synchro

NOVA 80 Synchron

Curtain up for a special room design

Curtain up for a special room design, especially with large clearance widths. Our NOVA 80 Synchron add-on set makes moving double-panel doors impressively easy. It is enough to push a door panel for the two doors – which are connected by a wear-free toothed belt – to move at the same time. In this way, passages can be opened and closed quickly and conveniently.
Impress your guests!

Technical note:

Technical information
Height 63 mm ± 2 mm
Max. door width 1000 mm *
Max. door width 1500 mm **

* when using 2 x NOVA80-2000
** when using 2 x NOVA80-2500 or NOVA80-3000. Here we recommend the additional use of the T-Turn Plus guide roller

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Details and Variants

Product details
Accessory kit NOVA 80 Synchron NOVA80+SYNC
1 set
Comprising of:
Carrier set T-Clamp
3 pieces
Deflection unit T-Turn
2 units
Toothed belt 05M
12 Meter
Mounting screw *
* NOVA80 Glas
4 pieces
Leader guide T-Turn Plus *
* Optional
1 piece