Accessory kit for
NOVA 80 Glass

NOVA 80 Glas

NOVA 80 Glass

For a modern interior design

Our smallest glass clamp offers an effective and easy-to-install solution for modern interior design. Without additional glass processing, it keeps the sliding element safely on track. Height adjustment when installed is a matter of course. And the optional covers B272087 open up additional decorative possibilities.

Technical information
Height 63 mm + 5 mm
Min. door width
- with one-sided damping
500 mm
Min. door width
- with double-sided damping
770 mm
Min. door panel thickness 8 mm TSG
Max. door panel thickness 10 mm TSG

Please note: The ratio of height to width of the sliding panel must not exceed 3:1.

For optimal holding strength, we recommend avoiding structured glass in the clamping area.

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Details and Variants

Accessory kit NOVA 80 GLAS NOVA80+GLAS
1 set
Comprising of:
Glass clamp N15087
2 pieces
Floor guide T-Guide Glas
1 piece
Cleaning cloth
1 item
Screw set
1 set
Assembly tool
1 item

Please visit the Glass Clamp Set for NOVA page for more details.