Accessory kit Synchron
for NOVA 250

NOVA 250 Synchron

NOVA 250 Synchron

Curtains up for a special room design

This add-on to our Heavy Duty NOVA 250 system is especially suited to large passage widths.

With NOVA 250 Synchron, moving dual panel doors becomes impressively easy. This system is designed to move two doors, connected by a wear-free toothed belt, simultaneously. Large passages, doorways and spaces can thus be quickly and conveniently divided, closed off or opened.

Impress your guests!

Technische Informationen
Height 76 mm ± 3 mm
Max. door width 1000 mm *
Max. door width 1500 mm **

* When using 2 x NOVA-2000.
** When using N520087-6000, we recommend the additional use of the T-Turn Plus guide roller.

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Details and Variants

Accessory set NOVA 250 Synchron NOVA250+SYNC
1 Set
Comprising of:
Driver set T-Clamp
3 pieces
Deflection unit T-Turn
2 units
Toothed drive belt 05M
12 Meter
Guide roller T-Turn Plus *
* Optional
1 piece