Glass Clamp Cover Set for NOVA

Glass Clamp Cover Set for NOVA

Purism with perspective

Does your sliding glass door slide into a wall pocket? Did you embed your track in the ceiling?

Then – and also in other installation situations – covering the glass clamps with an aesthetically pleasing cover set is a sensible consideration. The narrow panels are unembellished and unobtrusive and can adapt to your furnishing style easily, courtesy of the different anodized colors available.

The NOVA glass clamp cover sets can be used with both our NOVA 80 glass extension set and our NOVA 150 Glass and NOVA 150 Glass Synchron system sets.

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Details and Variants

Cover set for glass clamps B272087-xxxx-24
1 piece
Product Variants

Length in mm

Material / Color
Aluminum silver anodized EV1 (Standard, no color code required)
Anodized similar to stainless steel C31 (Color code: C)
Black anodized C35 (Color code: B)

Note: The xxxx in the item number should be replaced with the selected length in mm.

The aluminium/silver anodised variant is our standard and does not require a color code.

However, should you choose a black or anodized version similar to stainless steel, please add the corresponding color code to the article number:

Example: B272087B-1000-24 for a 1m long black anodized glass clamp cover set.

Example: B272087C-1000-24 for a 1m long, stainless steel-like anodized glass clamp cover set.