Accessory kit MX2
for NOVA 80



Our most inconspicuous sliding system

Our most inconspicuous fitting is hidden in the door. Thanks to the recessed MX2 support flange, the system’s appearance is extremely minimalistic and the distance between the door and the track is reduced to only what is absolutely necessary. Modern living space concepts benefit from hidden technology. In the latest version of the MX2, we have placed particular emphasis on simplifying assembly. To adjust the height, the suspension can be pulled out of the side of the door and the installation height can be optimised.

Technical information
Height 46mm + 5mm
Min. door width
- with one-sided damping
500 mm
Min. door width
- with double-sided damping
750 mm
Min. door panel thickness 30 mm

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Details and Variants

Accessory kit NOVA 80 MX2 NOVA80+MX2
1 set
Comprising of:
Support flange set MX2-SET
2 piece
Fastening materials
1 set
Assembly tool
1 item