Sliding door hardware redefined

Around 10 years ago, we established our premium line with the introduction of the ALU 100 and with it, redefined sliding door hardware technology and design. Despite the compact design of the track system, the ALU 100 NEO has a high load bearing capacity with a tested longevity of more than 200,000 operations. With its versatile continuous wall bracket and cover options, combined with a modern appearance, this variable profile system offers solutions for every door installation within your house and even solutions for outside sliding shutters.

The current version, the ALU 100 NEO, includes in addition to a number of technical improvements, our new modular system. This makes it possible to intuitively and effectively assemble the optimum product combination from pre-configured sets. The complete sets with the new combination profile are available as a solution for the most common requirements. Additionally, we offer the professional line with system sets for those who are looking for more complex solutions.

Sliding door hardware for professionals

Customize your configuration with our professional line (ALU 100 NEO PRO and ALU 150 NEO PRO). From simple ceiling mounting to a wide range of different continuous wall brackets and cover panels – with this modular system you will find the best solution for your project. Select the set, configure track lengths to the width of your opening, and your hardware is ready.

  • Comprehensive range with solutions for almost any requirement
  • Four lengths to choose from
  • Tracks available with appealing finishes and protected surfaces, including optionally silver-colored or stainless steel-look.
  • Shorter installation times thanks to the perfect combination of components
  • Innovative product improvements
  • Stopper with adjustable holding force
  • T-Guide floor guide
  • Corrosion resistant components
  • Chamfered treads guarantee centered tracking and promote self-cleaning
  • Can be combined with high-quality pneumatic damping systems.